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5/5-I love both my Omaha and Exo-grid so much they both offer an extreme amount of pop. I use them both on a very regular basis and both Show little sings of wear and tear, of course, in addition to the paint chipping off. I bought them because they are both very affordable and I read a lot of reviews on how well they perform. I would recommend this to anybody looking for the perfect bat because they both the perfect balance between pop and sustainability.

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Well, I bought this bat for my son high school for $ 315.00. I received it at 5: 30 via UPS one day and the following afternoon, he took it to get caught up in the affected area and after the 3rd swing, he heard something loose in the middle of the bat. So I had to send it back to Easton directly because that’s how their warranty works. They sent me a new and my son the only during his final 8 games has used and not in practice during his second inning last night in a game, the CAP flew and broke in half. Now this is the 2nd time I have to send the same bat (so he will be without his bat again … ..) in less than a month. This is not the only bat that I’ve had to return to Easton, I had another Easton bat purchased 2 years ago and the CAP broke off of that as well and they repaired it (did not replace) and the bat was never the same. Again … my son without his own bat that he comfortable with was during tournament play. Totally unacceptable. This will be the last bat I ever buy from Easton

Wondering what the best youth baseball bat on the market? Take a look below on the results of the survey that i been here on baseball equipment Review runs ‘ve. This survey contains results until January of 2011 that relate to the 2011 bat models. It seems that (so far) there seems to be a few favorites that not a surprise. Click here to get your vote for the 2011 youth bat models.

Best Youth Baseball Bat Survey Results

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Although there are only 12 votes so far (which I hope you will add to), it seems the B3 from Combat and Stealth speed II XL of Easton top the vote in the early going. This comes as no surprise, because these two of the Favorites in the past few years have been. As the investigation progresses throughout the year, I would also expect to see some of the DeMarini models rising to the top as well.

Here is the info on the top of the survey.

The B3 is a 1-piece, all composite model available in the category of youth with drops of-10 and-12 only. According to the Combat Web site picks the B3 where the B1 remained. They claim that the B3 is more durable and longer than the B1 will endure. Their website says that the progress in their Blended Fiber and Aniosotropic composite technologies make this possible. Like most of the models Combat it also has a long barrel. The B3 will cost you $ 199.

The Stealth speed II XL is the same as last year Stealth Speed XL model. It is an all composite 2-piece design that extended the same barrel as last years model. The only difference is this year, they have reduced the decline of-10-12. It is the same bat, but 2 grams lighter than last year and a new paint job. It makes use of Easton’s IMX composite technology throughout the bat. The Speed-XL II runs on $ 200.

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