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I am looking to get another new composite bat and wondered what I should look into. I bought just one Easton Synergy 2009 Crystal (pink/red one). What do you think about this bat? How has it worked for you and how would you compare it with other raccoons. Essentially, I have always loved Eastons and Louisville Sluggers Composite bats. Are you saying you want to use another file? One thing I suggest is to make sure you have “broken” your new composite bat. They are not meant to be their potential right out of the package. Composite bat has a much longer break-in period than aluminium bats and balls hitting the machine will not do it, If you are planning to break into these bats in cages, you must use the real about. Composite bats should not be used in cold weather, temperatures below 70 degrees, they can easily break, which many are finding out. If broken correctly and used correctly, you get so much more out of your composite bat than aluminium or hybrids of recent years. There are many pros and Cons (or misconceptions) of composite bats, but the players and coaches must have accurate information before making a judgment, after I explained to proper break-in and the use of composites for some of our high school players, they were surprised at the difference. First ball sounds as if it came in a wooden cabin, which was another complaint in many reviews, but with proper effort and care you can ungroup them at the point where it sounds more like a rifle than wood. Players, coaches and parents need to know what they are buying. They only buy a $ 300 or $ 400 bat without proper knowledge, but with the right knowledge can they buy $ 300 Lightning Rod. Composite bats give a great deal more forgiveness for the lack of swing, and has the potential to make the average shoot out a clean-up shoot out. The best way to break into a composite bat? Usually, you only need a lot of good BP with the bat. You must have between 100 to 200 items to share it; Some bats take longer than others. You need to beat goods balls, leather cover fixed softballs. Hitting a tee will not break it in very effectively. You need to beat live balls thrown 40/h or better. A machine works well if it is set to throw genuine softballs. Each time you make good contact, you must enable the FAT about 1/8 round so you break the bat evenly. This, in essence, “wake up” fibers underneath the surface. I have not tried the new Synergy “Crystal” but has had many Easton Stealth and Accordingly used on my team (I coach in HS Softball) as well as many Louisville Slugger Catalysts. Easton model is at the top of the line, and it is the right size/weight ratio for you, then the problem is either the file not being broken or you shoot out.At the end of the day, it is the discovery that do the job; there is lots of info about other ways to break into a bat and I strongly suggest you do it before you use your own in a game and judge it.

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I am looking to buy a softball bat for a mixed League but as I say, not the difference between $ 40 dollar aluminum bats at Mowgli and $ 200 bats at store sporting goods. I am not a badly made bat but don’t want to spend much either, so how can I know the qualities of the different types of Softball bats? I heard a 34 inch and 34 uns bat was appropriate to my size. Thanks for the help. Well, I have the answer. Hello I play fastpitch and there really is a diffrence. Usually the 200 is a much better, they are “bouncier” as in the affected much longer with less effort, they last longer and they are made of different materials. I used to get the “cheap” raccoons, $ 40-60 and they only lasted me a season. My last cheap bat lasted me like 3 months and then it was unsafe and I am not allowed to use it in my high school League.Now I have a really nice $ 170 bat and it has been going on for me 2 seasons now and is still in almost wonderful condition, less paint scratches, but it has nothing to do with the Hope I helped cost.

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I play for a League and need a new bat but I dont have a lot of money (less then $ 90) and I want to have a powerful bat. Today, I was informed that … Best bet is to find one in the Metaverse. There are many out there. You will not get much new to 90. . You can get a tps maverick around 100.It is a low end composite bat; If you could find a used dmarini b52, jump on it

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