New never used. Still in original packaging.


* IMX composite handle and barrel
* Dealing with Flex Rating-60
* VRS appreciation-95
* 2-1/4 inch barrel monster
*-11 super lightweight length-to-weight
* Ultra thin 20/31 “dealing with Pro-Tack grip

My son recently started taking an interest in baseball. Specially he says that he wants to grow up to be a player Detroit Tigers. First things first though we had to sign him for Tee Ball. we got him signed and went out to buy him his first bat. My husband and I decided on getting him a Easton Stealth Tee Ball TST12 after much help from the sales associate at the store. Best decision we could have done! This bat was great for him! It was a perfect fit. Not only does our son just love it, but his coach actually referred to bat our sons to the other players parents on my sons team! It was perfect length and weight for him and he progressed soo very well using this bat that he was put on an older age tee ball team after this year! We are soo proud of him and we’re really grateful that he was not only blessed with baseball skills, but also for the wonderful species of bat in Easton. It ceased soo good. We saw other children on the bats teams and they looked crude by the end of the season. Our sons bat still looked brand new and help to better than my husband and I had ever expected! We are very grateful to Easton for our little guys make dreams come true!

fairly used. I used it for 2 years free to bare got it for 245 so ill sell for 65 sick down to 60 thats it. need info call or a text (765)

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