Three limited warranty.premium wood bat sound and performance with exceptional DurabilityComposite framework and handle add strength and DurabilityUrethane foam rubber grip offers Comfortoptimal for players who want to drive more mass the ball

DeMarini Pro Maple with the popular barrel to profile more massive drive through the ball perfectly for players who want to D243. Patented design combines composite materials for durability and Pro Maple on barrel for premium wood bat sound and performance logging. Ideal in advanced wood bat leagues and serious training. 3 Month warranty. …

I would select the DeMarini Voodoo. My 13-year-old grandson used a 33 “model with a drop-3 and has had great results on a winning team. In a 2010 game he hit two doubles and a triple; in the following, he hit a single, double, and a grand slam home run! I call that a great series for him. He also makes use of 33 “-5 Vexxum for a faster pitch.
One note for future buys … Make sure that the bat has a rating of BBCOR, not just a BESR.

I myself have the Sandlot Slugger. I also have another small ball throwing machine.

I prefer the Sandlot Slugger.

The Pitch Alert light works and is the key to development of timing.

The built-in stand is a bit weak but usable. You should expect that use of a tripod for best results.

The remote control is pretty amazing. It stops the ball feed right away and really works. I recommend that option.

Get the turbo speed. It is worth the few extra bucks.

The hopper ball is perfect. You load as many balls as you need without having to place them in some way.

You are going to get himself a machine like this for a while. Get a good one.

A note about customer service. I’ve not Sandlot Slugger customer service or any other small ball pitching machine customer service to use. That is good news. But I think customers want these machines work right out of the box without needing to call or deal with customer service. So. .. a quality product to the right of the box is important. It is difficult to tell a child to wait while the old man customer service calls. Cheers.

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