Easton Reflex Polaroid (34-inch Softball Bat/28Comfortable. 12 “barrel length. 7050 alloy made aircraft. Reflexive softball bat. End forged and a concave Cap.

Easton Reflex -12 FastPitch Softball SX81B BatEaston. FP Softball Bats reflex League. Thin handle 29/32 inches with padded handle. For example, a (-) 10 bat would be a bat weighing 29 “length 19 oz.

Evenly balanced bottle bat for oscillation maximum speed. High performance! Easton Reflex feature Fast Pitch Softball Bats: 7050 alloy provides high performance and bat evenly balanced bottle aging for oscillation maximum speed thin tapered handle 29/32 Cushioned grip for better feel 21/4 barrel ASA, USSSA, ISF, ISA & NSA approved the length of the limited warranty of 1 year-to-weight Ratio ( -12): 28-29-16 oz 17 oz 30-18 oz 31-19 oz oz oz 20 32-33-34-21 * Note 22 oz: Minus-DROP: refers to the differential between the length and weight of a bat. 7050 alloy aircraft has. Size: 28-Inch/16 oz-11-Inch oz + 17-Inch barrel/29-12-Inch barrel + 30-Inch/18 oz-13-Inch barrel + 31-19 inch/oz-14-Inch barrel. For athletes who know the difference!.

Louisville Slugger TPS Zephyr Fastpitch BatProduct description

The Louisville Slugger TPS Zephyr FPXZ -12 composite Fastpitch Softball Bat will you crushing the ball with authority! One of the best softball bats, Louisville Slugger TPS is built with cutting-edge technology that uses aerospace grade graphite built into a specially designed epoxy-resin system, creating a bat with a perfect blend of performance and durability. The FPXZ Zephyr is so well balanced that feel as if you have complete control over the placement of the ball.

Zephyr features the 7 c composite bat bottle design and finishes with the patented Louisville Slugger end CAP and weight/length-12 makes the difference FPXZ Zephyr a top performing lightweight bat.

Even better news: Louisville Slugger Zephyr Fast Pitch Softball Bat meets 1.20 BPF standards and is approved by ASA, USSSA and ISF, ISA, NSA.

Louisville Slugger tps Zephyr fastpitch Bat Buyer quote

“This was a great purchase for my daughter’s bat. If she hits the sweet spot, you will know with this bat. The ball flies out of it perfectly. She loves it. It is worth buying if you love the game of fastpitch softball and play enough to get your money’s worth out of this bat. You will not be disappointed. “

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Origin of the purchaser and description: Amazon.com Some Other Softball BatsEaston Stealth Speed Slowpitch Softball Bat SSR2 you might as product features ? largest tap area available creates a patented CXN more sweet sweet spot ? and bat speed of Flex focused increased handle to provide the barrel length of 13.5 inch ? balanced provides extra power …READ MOREEaston Stealth Slowpitch Softball Bat Speed

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