How a Gray-Nicholls cricket bat is made. Presented by Stuart Kransbueler, Head bat maker of Gray – Nicholls Australia.

Use this easy to execute bunting drill at your next practice. Many hitters have problems keeping their hard focus ” eye’s on the ball to the point of contact. The Head On The Ball training device will help your hitters develop that hard focus and become better hitters by seeing the ball clearly , keeping their head down and staying focused through contact. Head on the Ball should perhaps be better called ” Eyes on the Ball” because it gives an athlete an opportunity to develop hard focus. Hard focus cannot be maintained for long periods but it is critical for the athlete to hit the ball. Mike Kellogg can guide you in learning this hard focus ability with his innovative tool. Beth Bazin, OD FCOVD Vission Therapy, Sports Vision Training tips for hitting hitting a baseball tips on hitting youth hitting tips youth baseball tips softball tips fostball hitting tips baseball batting tips baseball hitting drills

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