This video goes through the steps of creating and applying a custom 2 color Baseball/Softball logo for the front of a helmet. These high quality custom vinyl decals will last throughout the season and can be customized for your team or league. Just contact The Decal World or go to the website at to order an individual or team set today. We cal have custom numbers and names for the fron an back of the helmets.

A great example of why one must always be alert in the batters box…..and why a helmut can be your best friend…This shot was taken at little league game in northern california.

The Invention of the American Football Helmet. This very funny clip shows a man testing his American Football helmet invention – he thinks it will prevent fatalaties and injuries. He gets some men to kick him in the head and whack him on the head with a baseball bat before he runs head first in to a wall. Filmed in 1932. Check out the Sporting HIstory Channel: Check out the British Pathe YouTube Channel: Follow us on Twitter: @britishpathe ( ) Join us on Facebook: All 90000 British Pathe reels can be viewed and enjoyed on: WARNING Do not try this at home. Running into walls or applying pressure to the head, including kicking and hitting it with objects, is highly dangerous, will cause injury and could be fatal, even with the use of a helmet.

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