Three limited warranty.premium wood bat sound and performance with exceptional DurabilityComposite framework and handle add strength and DurabilityUrethane foam rubber grip offers Comfortoptimal for players who want to drive more mass the ball

DeMarini Pro Maple with the popular barrel to profile more massive drive through the ball perfectly for players who want to D243. Patented design combines composite materials for durability and Pro Maple on barrel for premium wood bat sound and performance logging. Ideal in advanced wood bat leagues and serious training. 3 Month warranty. …

I bought my boy swing 3/21/11 the a 27/10. He is six and of 57 games last yr. He only struck out twice no tee was once used on the team. So when he tells me that it hits funny I must belive him. After tons of buckets which he struggles to reach with the field I put a friends V12 into his hands 3 out ten over the fence and center field is 135/140 ft. He is 4 ‘ 1 ‘ and 58 lbs of crazy baseball skills alot of teams want him but we local rec ball with a group of children who have been together for a few years. Any advice on what to do about this bat would be appreciated and has anyone else been having problems with it. The bat has zero pop that it sounds like he his hitting with a wet blanket. FRUSTRATED

My father got me the easton surge today we went to the baseball feild I went to ony used be able to sneek on but with the swing I beat a killing center about 45 or 50 (Centre is approximately 390-400), but it was the farthest ball I’ve ever hit at that feild I would definatley recommend this bat for everyone who loves to hit bombs and watch em sailing because with this bat you will lot of do that amazing pop, the sweet spot is huge, handle is large, generally I love this bat

P.s. This bat makes the voodoo out his garbage and a voodoo is a large bat so id go as far as to say the surge is one of the bats bet on the market

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