This bat was only one season used by my son. He moved to other interests in track and football. It’s a big bat! No dents the breaks.

CNT BCN 14 (30/18), drop 9
Barrel Diameter: 2 5/8 in.

CNT Carbon Nanotube reinforced composite structures technology, optimize design for maximum performance
Patented Flex extended design extends the sweet spot because the barrel flex to the contour and the end of the bat to deliver optimal performance over the entire length of the barrel. Easton’s patented Opti-Flex CNT composite handle technology ensures maximum handle flex-two times greater than aluminium in the case of the BCN14. Patented ConneXion technology works like a hinge to the most efficient energy to deliver handle to barrel for maximum bat head whip bat for faster and more power transfer through the hitting zone. Patented IMX-integrated Array technology optimizes the relationship between materials, design and production process technologies

Extended barrel for hitting maximum area
Super lightweight-9 length-weight relationship
Paint and clear coat finish, great graphics capabilities of 4 color looking
Ultra-thin 30/21 inch handle with Pro-Tack cushioned grip

Original MSRP: $ 299.99.
Asking $ 100 (excluding postage).

Wondering what the best aluminium bat on the market? Take a look at the results of the survey that I’ve been conducting below. I started this survey in late 2010, so there still not a ton of results, but there seems to be a favorite. This page deals with only all aluminum bats, no hybrids. Here is the results.

This survey is for the 2011 aluminum bat models. Click here to place your vote on the best model of 2011. Once you place your voice, you can use the latest up-to-date results.

Best Aluminum Bat Survey Results

Click here to vote!

As you can see, is a clear favorite (from all 5 votes!) the Omaha. Taking into account that there are only 5 votes, I still think this is a pretty accurate view of the opinions of ballplayers today. The Omaha has been and probably will always be a favorite

Not a whole lot going is new with the Omaha, except a new paint job, and it is now .5 oz lighter than the 2010 model. This legendary model is a 1-piece all aluminum bat using the ST + 20 alloy. The adult model runs at $ 200, the senior-10 at $ 150, with the youth-13.5 at $ 120.

If you have something from the information on this website, please pay it forward and write a review of the product of your own to help your fellow ballplayers.

Make sure that all of the following information be included. (* are mandatory)
Your rating on a scale of 1-5 of * why you bought/used this product.What you like about it.What you don’t like about it.Would you recommend to others? * no other comments.Thanks!

by slow Pitch Bats on 06. Sep, 2010 in slow pitch bats

I was looking at DeMarini CF3, DeMarini Phenix and Anderson Rocketech. As one of those bats has the best feeling and performance. Also possible advantages and drawbacks of any of these bats? If you know another good composite bat, tell me. Thank you. Well, I have the answer. Of them, I would go with one of DeMarinis because I have never heard of Anderson Rocketech. DeMarini bat is usually a good choice; another alternative that many know I have is Louisville Slugger Catalyst.My coach always speak highly of them, and they have a lot of pop them; the only problem is that they are quite expensive.

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