While there are a lot of softball and baseball players out there who claim to have hit a home run, there are just as many who will be truthfully admit that they never hit a home run. Regardless of the club you are based in, hitting the ball over the fence will always require significant bat speed.

Okay we all know that the chicks have the ball long, go big or go home and all that.But on how to win games? facing a team that constantly uses the entire field effectively while stringing together hit after hit, Basic smart coupled with applies pressure for a defense with the added benefit of frustrating the opposition.

That said, each player softball or baseball should strive to be as complete as player as can be. Why limit yourself to only be one thing or another? Do not put limits on the ball hits the potential.Put one over the wall should not define the value for your team or you as a player of softball. Many will tell you there is nothing better than absolutely destroy a ball and send it to that deserves to go. If you are lucky enough to hit some out of the yard, you probably still vivid reminder that first bomb is hit in a game.

No matter what you are trying to accomplish to plate, the plan should include hitting the ball hard whenever you swing. the best hitters in any game will try to crush the ball at all times. sometimes the result is that a 400 ° + bomb other times a laser in the gap or screaming humpy in front of the outfield. The fact is that you don’t get anything positive done at plate without bat speed.

Here are some tips that with practice, should help you improve your speed of bat:

Hold hands loose.Maintain a grip dissolved the bat softball or baseball will yield 5 mph bat speed and 5-10 mph of ball speed. Tension in your hands will cost you bat speed.

Push with the rear hand while pulling up front with your hand.The boost will increase your power and improve your follow through.

Release your top hand off the bat.This allows multiple extension that gives more engine power.

Keep their hands out in front of the bat.Throw your hands at the ball so that the head of bat is the last thing that passes through the area.

Hit the Bottom half of the ball.This creates spin back that will bring the ball farther.

Weight shift. Make sure that you are moving your weight on your back foot to your front foot.

Contact do a bit of front where you are standing.This is where you will be generating speed max bat.Too far to the front and the bat will be slow when you hit the ball too early in your swing, and you will not be generating enough speed and leverage.

Adjust the grip.Delete the little finger off the dial to get more leverage.

Choose pitches in your area of “power”.You have an area where you hit with more energy.Learn in batting practice, be patient and really works for the selection of pitch.

Head on ball.Start your swing with the Chin on your shoulder front and end with the Chin back on your shoulder.This will keep your head down on the ball and prevent you from opening too early and losing power.

Range of motion-Start with the bat back as far as you can. That a full range of movement creates so much momentum, as you can before you contact.

Every improvement or piece of knowledge that you add to your arsenal can mean one, maybe two, maybe even five mph the speed of your bat. incremental earnings Is such that you make to your bat and ball speed that gradually become a better player baseball or softball. nobody knows about the limits of their potential. you will be surprised what you are capable of applying proven techniques and practice difficult. If you desire to hit with more power and consistency, it is possible and will be. it is up to you!

Jeff LeRiche is President and founder of OTC sport, a premier baseball and softball bat retailer. With deep passion for sport, Jeff managed and played their own team travelling in the country for the better part of a decade. Has served on various associations of softball and boards, including several years as the Director of the State. After years as the ultimate Road Warrior baseball/softball, Jeff served as national Manager DeMarini softball Slowpitch and during this period he became the voice of DeMarini slowpitch. having risked recently for his own with sport OTC, LeRiche strives to bring the best baseball bats and softball and accessories for players of all types and levels. Jeff continues to bring his passion and love for sports game daily OTC. for more information, see http://www.otcsports.com.