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Worth SBW20R Wicked Fastpitch Softball bats 33/25-8, reviews: Value SBW20R 2010 Wicked fast pitch softball BAT advantage: one piece aluminium BAT use of technology make BAT Whiplash framework for searching for solid features for performance and durability players: Whiplash-up to 30% thinner layers for reduced weight and increased bat speed most tended to X-large Sweetspot sweetspot in aluminium batscreated by extending the barrel 1 1/2 “-2″ longer Pro Pebble grip strength-thin and Textured grip for maximum BAT control and durability approved by the EJZAUSSSA, the NSA, ISF and other associations one year guarantee. features: one piece aluminium BAT value of Whiplash technology creates up to 30% Thinner Taper Reduced Weight Increased Bat Speed X-Tended Sweetspot technology approved by ASA, USSSA, NSA and ISF BAT: Pro Pebble your grip material: aluminium alloy model: SBW20R color: red, size: 33 mm/25 Oz drop: (weight up to length ratio): type 8: Fastpitch Softball BAT diameter: 2 1/4 ” condition: brand new with 1 year warranty, MSRP. 99

Does not support X Sweetspot, TechnologyWhiplash technology creates up to 30%, thin taper and increase Bat SpeedOne piece aluminium BatApproved by ASA, USSSA, NSA and ISF

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Diameter of barrel recoil male Bat25 “MIKEN Softball. Miken Softball Bat recoilless characterizes the crosslinked system providing ballistic 300% elongation for greater resistance to impact and unmatched barrel bounce. Weight: 26, 27, 28, 30 oz “5” barrel length, 2. Dynamic 250 report Flex provides greater stability for the power hitter, maximising the coherence and the distance. Player’s favorite thin handle. Diameter of barrel, 25.
Made of synthetic leather. length 34 “. USSSA, NSA, ISF, ISA, SSUSA approved. 14. Expanded sweet spot: Design and construction provides extra cane along the source of ultimate power for serious ballplayers. X-Tack Coat offers superior grip knob for control added. Synthetic leather Grip award …

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