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I am looking to buy a softball bat for a mixed League but as I say, not the difference between $ 40 dollar aluminum bats at Mowgli and $ 200 bats at store sporting goods. I am not a badly made bat but don’t want to spend much either, so how can I know the qualities of the different types of Softball bats? I heard a 34 inch and 34 uns bat was appropriate to my size. Thanks for the help. Well, I have the answer. Hello I play fastpitch and there really is a diffrence. Usually the 200 is a much better, they are “bouncier” as in the affected much longer with less effort, they last longer and they are made of different materials. I used to get the “cheap” raccoons, $ 40-60 and they only lasted me a season. My last cheap bat lasted me like 3 months and then it was unsafe and I am not allowed to use it in my high school League.Now I have a really nice $ 170 bat and it has been going on for me 2 seasons now and is still in almost wonderful condition, less paint scratches, but it has nothing to do with the Hope I helped cost.

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I travel to the Dominican Republic in september, my husband and I play a variety of Softball and think we might be able to get some advanced Softball bats at a really good price, know any where and what the name of a sports shop in Puerto Plata, which sells raccoons. I was so glad to find this – Use your search engine, either YAHOO.Or GOOGLE, and this same question; follow the links.

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2005 Demarini F2, want to use in the cages as members, but I do not want to resolve it, or something similar. All experiences, or anyone knows if it will dent or damaging bat? Thank you. I was glad to learn … NO NO NO, do not think so, members are only good for cages makes the date.Nothing beats live pitching, or better still hitting a tee, hope this helps.

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