this is a photo of the bat this is not my actual photo

This is a picture of the bat, this is not my actual photo

When my son told me that he can hit the ball better with a certain bat his friend I had thought at first that he was a child was a child and that his friend had convinced him. I was wrong to say the least. I decided to prove to him that it doesn’t matter, that a bat is a bat, but that’s where I was 100% wrong. The sales person who sold us the bat told us that it is a very popular bat under kids his age. He also told me that the technology has changed and that a lot of man-hours in the produce of a bat. Her grip, speed, range, and overall power. My son started hitting the ball like crazy. He is an above average player but this bat helped I’d say about 30 to 40 percent more than his old one. You can’t go wrong with this bat. It is very affordable and gets the job done. I’m glad to see my son better hitting the ball.

If you have ever been on the market for a bat rolling machine, I am sure, have you found that there are several sites out there that other similar products. Each one of them tries to sell you their products and, of course, they all point out features of their roles which are different (and better) than the competitor. I’ll try to clear the air of some of the important features you need to be with and those who really are not important.

Perpendicular or parallel rolling Machine? I’ve been rolling raccoons in over 5 years now. Bat first rolling machines (in their current form) was approximately 5-6 years ago. All primarily the rollers were for style Perpendicular and scroll bat length up and down the BARREL. A few years ago, Parallel roller has evolved and now all followed. Hear clearly here. The parallel roller was only intended to speed up scrolling. It does not do a better job rolling. You should read that parallel scrolling is needed together with perpendicular rolling because it affects the stains that were missed by perpendicular roller. Simply put, it is not true.I have 5 + years rolling raccoons and we’ve rolled all possible ways and raccoons Perpendicular rolling gives you the same result as Parallel rolling or a combination of parallel/perpendicular. There is really no need to spend the extra money on an already overpriced parallel roller.

Roller sizes – what is the optimal size?This paragraph applies only if you have made the choice to go with a parallel reel; From what I have seen, there are 3 different models of Parallel roles on the market. Roller sizes range from 6-7 cm in length.

Most slowpitch and fastpitch softball bats will have at least a 10.5? BARRELHaving said that, it is not important whether you use a roll of a 6-7 inch reel; Either way you will still be able to adequately take your bat. You should read the 6? rollers are better since then allow complex bending more than 7 ° w/reels. Even this is not true and should not be your decision on which the roller to buy.

Bearings-what is the correct type? This information can be more than most people can understand but I’ll include it anyway. You may see many different terms thrown around in terms of the type of bearings that each machine uses and how they are better than others.The truth is that you should be looking for a device that uses high quality sealed bearing which is lubricated. The last thing you want is a device that requires you to Lubricate your layer to operate smoothly; Recently I came across a website that claims its new higher prices rollers have special bearings.They use big names such as “Thrust ball bearings” and “Radial ball bearings”. It doesn’t matter; These big name give only them a reason to charge you more money for something that you really need.

Roller material – what’s the deal?, again, you see a few different claims materials offered by different manufacturers. Most manufacturers will make use of a high-impact polyethylene or nylon material with a Shore d hardness

68. These are approximately the hardness of a golf ball. This material offers high wear resistance which is little need to ever pay them due to wear and tear. Some argue its rollers are precision machined for greater impact.

Again this is just a sales pitch and give them another reason to charge you more money. If you can find a reputable company that offers you a lifetime warranty and is willing to work with you as there is absolutely no need to worry about what type of roller material is used.

BAT roller patent-what is truth?I’m only including this information because it is being used by some deterrent to convince you to buy their device vs. others on the market.The truth is that probably a patent will never be issued on this type of product.There are a few reasons it will be rejected.The main reason is that the undertaking which applied for the patent is not first to market a bat rolling machine (or the compression method of control).This has been in existence for many years in many different shapes; Their patent application was submitted at the beginning of 2008 and one of the biggest reasons for the rejection is that you can not have a patent for things that are already on the market before the patent is granted.Since the patent was filed in 2008 and there are photos of the “controlled compression” devices going back to 2005 available for viewing on the Internet.It would, therefore, that these devices have been around long before a patent application was submitted.This will make it an easy decision to the US Patent Office; in fact, I think the company which submitted the patent request has already received the first rejection of their application; If you want to take some time, you can do some research yourself and find out the status of the patent and see the reasons for the refusal, you have no reason to worry about supporting or guarantees from other companies offering similar products that they will not be carried out by these allegations; once again, it is simply a sales pitch to steer you to buy their devices.

In summary, we recommend that you purchase your next bat rolling machine from a company that provides REAL information and is not a sales pitch. where an undertaking is charging you extra for this upgrade and the upgrade when in fact the reason are no measurable difference in the product that you have to ask yourself is this an honest company? If they are not willing to provide you with honest information (regardless of what the offer) then what do you think they’ll be around when you have problems or questions; Most reputable companies will respond to your email questions in a timely manner and provide you with honest information.

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I want it to have a lot of pop, degrade over time, and be not the most expensive bat on the menu. I would not accept to pay over $ 200, but nothing over $ 300. I was so glad to find this – check out

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