I would select the DeMarini Voodoo. My 13-year-old grandson used a 33 “model with a drop-3 and has had great results on a winning team. In a 2010 game he hit two doubles and a triple; in the following, he hit a single, double, and a grand slam home run! I call that a great series for him. He also makes use of 33 “-5 Vexxum for a faster pitch.
One note for future buys … Make sure that the bat has a rating of BBCOR, not just a BESR.

B3 Gear 32/20 cracked and combat will not be replaced without original receipt. I recommend stay with Demarini …..

We possess of the th Demarini CF4 and not recommend it. The speed of the Steath of Easton is okay, but there are better bats. Marucci bat makes a good, fun pop and durable. Miken Mv3 hybrid is a beast, as my 12-year-old says. My 21-year-old son, who helps me coach outfeild practice was hit and could not keep in the fence. He said that the bat is the real deal. It has high durability Had for 4 months and hit with almost every day. No problems yet. Highly recommend.

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