Baseball Express stocks industry-leading, high quality baseball catcher’s gear designed to protect players of any age and ability from serious injury and enhance their overall performance. Baseball Express features a great selection of catcher’s equipment in adult and youth sizes — from masks to shin guards, knee savers, neck guards, chest protectors, sun visors and palm guards — from top manufacturers like Easton, Rawlings, Wilson, All-Star, Nike, and more, all at affordable prices. All Star System 7 Two Tone Catchers Helmets All-Star doesn’t make shoes or bats or golf clubs, they make protective equipment for baseball, and they make it well! This is one of the most innovative and protective helmets on the market. It is made out of impact resistant ABS resin and an I-Bar style Vision steel cage that offers a clear view and deflects balls upon impact away from the head. It also comes with a machine washable Ultra Cool mesh liner that is extra-protected by the AEGIS microbe shield – no worries about having a crusty, smelly, liner after a few months! This helmet offers superior comfort, modern styling, innovative design, and long-lasting durability. Mizuno G2 Pro Catcher’s Helmet Mizuno has been one of the premiere sports equipment companies for decades and you can trust that you will get quality when you buy a Mizuno product. Their G2 Pro Catcher’s Helmet is a quality catcher’s helmet that is strong, durable, and comfortable. It is NOCSAE

Catching pop-ups in or around the vicinity of the plate is a catchers responsibility. This drill will teach you the proper technique in catching pop-ups.

Nice indoor drill to practice turning two with your middle infielders. 3-person drill, 1-shortstop, 1-second base and 1-person to roll grounders.

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